How is Polygon bridging Web2 & Web3?

Chains Aug 3, 2022
How is Polygon bridging Web2 & Web3?

From the day the internet was launched, it has been rapidly changing from the early version of the internet, Web1, which included static texts and visuals, to the current version, Web2, and now we are going into the era of Web3, which is based on decentralized platforms with distributed ownership and control.

Currently, Web3 is picking up steam in the online space and is rising in popularity because of the security and speed it offers and Polygon is at the forefront of bringing mass adoption from various angles.

Let's see how Polygon is also moving towards bringing web2 & web3 closer.

Making Ethereum blockchain more convenient:

Since Polygon first came to be, the company's goal couldn't be simpler: Bringing the world to Ethereum! They enable developers to build scalable, user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without sacrificing security. Hence solving 2 of the major problems currently in Web3; Security and Fees!

Polygon makes web 3.0 more sustainably, seamless, hassle-free, and cheap, making transactions as easy as possible so that people can easily shift from web 2 to web 3 without any problems.


Polygon is at the forefront of partnering with leading Web2 giants like Reddit, Facebook, Stripe, HTC, Adobe etc., by providing them with infrastructural support and helping these companies' users to be onboarded onto the Web3 world.

Recently, Polygon announced that Acentrik, a strategic initiative by Mercedes-Benz, is now deployed on Polygon Mainnet as part of its enterprise release. This is just one of many initiatives that Polygon has rolled out. More coming in soon!

Integrating with Dapps and DeFi platforms:

Polygon is integrating with other platforms to make transactions easier for everyone and help them through the swift of the web2 to web3.

Polygon is showing its main strengths by creating a blockchain where it is easy to do transactions and integrates with platforms like ZeroSwap, which helps ZeroSwap's ability to provide services to its users conveniently and with complete transparency.  

Here's a quick read on why projects are choosing Polygon to launch.

Fellowship Programs

Polygon is providing fellowship to people. The main aim of these fellowships is to make Web3 technology widely used by providing information and training to aspiring programmers and developers in search of creative and practical use cases. Through training programs, talent drives, and developer grants, Polygon is on a mission to onboard millions of developers to Web3 over the next ten years and close the blockchain skill gap. The 5.8 million-strong developer community in India will be the target of the first global fellowship program.

The results of such support and training to developers are evident with an ever-increasing developer activity on the Polygon network.

Know More about the Developer growth in 2022 on Polygon HERE!

Gaming and NFTs

Polygon technology is so disruptive that it has recently attracted a lot of attention, with a significant investment from Mark Cuban and getting onboarded as the only blockchain company in Disney's accelerator program.

They are significantly investing money to onboard the Gaming and NFT user base by developing the tech but also by heavily funding on-chain gaming projects working on the same. The launch of Polygon Studio is a big step towards onboarding the masses by helping with tech and marketing. They already have over 100,000 gamers and 500 decentralized apps on their network, creating a growing ecosystem.

Summing Up

Web 3.0 is on its way to becoming a seamless and global community. Gaps will still prevent this until they have been bridged using innovative, integrated solutions, thanks to projects like Polygon #BUIDLing and constantly evolving.

The best is yet to come on Polygon. It will be the BIGGEST thing across ecosystems in terms of onboarding retail!

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