ZeroSwap Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary 

ZeroSwap Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

Exchange Oct 19, 2022
ZeroSwap Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary 

ZeroSwap goes Cross-Chain and Launches Gasless Swaps on Ethereum!

When we started ZeroSwap two years ago, we had only one aim to create a product that gives our users the best experience for trading on chain. This led us to building our Gasless DEX you see today; a protocol, where our users do not pay for gas, transaction fee or protocol fee when making swaps.

In these 2 years, we have successfully built our secure Gasless DEX, where you can swap on six chains, including, Binance, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, Optimism & Celo.

Chains on ZeroSwap

We released our bi-directional Zee-Bridge for seamless multi- chain swaps. Introduced ZeeDO our IDO platform and a Staking Module for our users to earn rewards from. In order to strengthen our goal of building a multi-chain  ecosystem, we acquired DeFi wizard, a decentralised finance infrastructure service provider. This acquisition helped us by increasing our hold as a whole.

Product Suite

But, we could not have done this without your support. Our incredible community, which inspires us to keep moving forward, strive towards making new products by bringing out the best in us.

Today as we turn 2,  we announce the launch of two of our most anticipated product upgrades; Cross-Chain Swaps and Gasless Swaps on Ethereum for our users.

Cross-Chain Swaps are essential to attain interoperability between blockchains, this launch will help our users make faster, more efficient swaps without any limitations without the need to pay extra fees to move the tokens between blockchains.

We are in process to release a proof of concept on Ethereum that will allow our users to make Gasless swaps on chain, allowing to save on the increasing gas costs on ethereum.

Stay with us on this journey as we build products to make your experience here, seamless!

We will be out with more updates soon, till then Go Gasless with ZeroSwap 🔁