ZeroSwapDEX Leaderboard Winners $ODDZ / $BNB

Exchange Jun 1, 2022
ODDZ Leaderboard Winners On ZeroSwapDEX

ZeroSwap DEX Leaderboard

Play to Earn is an excellent way for companies to engage with their users and provide rewards for those who enjoy the thrills of trading. Play to earn is a way to include games in trading; the surety of assured rewards cushions the usual trading risk.

On this ideology, we gamified on-chain trading and linked it with assured rewards for every user in our ZeroSwapDEX Leaderboard. You can learn more about the leaderboard here.

The leaderboard offers users the opportunity to trade coin pairs of their choice and is then ranked based on their trade volume into four categories; whales, sharks, dolphins, and fishes. We also provide our users with the benefit of making on-chain transactions with Zero Gas & No Transaction Fees.


$ODDZ / $BNB was the fourth released pair on the P2E DEX Leaderboard. The coin pair was traded for a total of 7 days on the DEX with 191 participants, had a total of 884 swaps and a total trade volume of $142,424.54

These were the Top-performing addresses on the $ODDZ / $BNB pair:

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