ZeroSwapDEX Live on Binance

Chains Nov 21, 2021
ZeroSwapDEX - No Gas and Zero Fees Live on Binance Smart Chain (BNB)

Today, globally Decentralized Exchange (DEX) alone accounts for 100M+ transactions per day and the top 10 DEXes witness ~7B+ trading volume per day. These staggering numbers are just the beginning of an era and also possibilities that await ahead.

The DEXes offers enhanced security through self-executing smart contracts, which further eliminates the need for a 3rd party agency, resulting in a fair & transparent direct Peer-to-Peer (P2P) trading ecosystem and experience.

ZeroSwap, since its inception, has been committed to building a robust, multichain ecosystem, which allows users to participate in token sale via ZeeDO, move their funds cross chain via ZeroSwap Bridge, and now they would be able to swap on multichains in a gasless manner using ZeeDEX.

Introducing ZeeDEX

Zero-Swap aims to be the best interface for accessing on-chain liquidity in the cheapest way possible. In the context of DEX specifically, ZeroSwap aims to provide a secure, fast, and seamless multichain zero gas fee trading experience to its users. With this in mind, ZeroSwap is launching its native DEX aggregator platform, ZeeDEX. To start with, the ZeeDEX will be live on BSC, and subsequently, will integrate more chains. Currently, it's live on Testnet.

In the words of Chandrashekar Ramu, Co-Founder & CEO of ZeroSwap:

"In the coming times, we will see developments around liquidity mining, thereby converting it to an in-house DEX platform, multichain farming, governance protocol, and mobile integrations, to name a significant few."

Go Gasless: