5 Reasons Why DeFi Wizard Is a Spectacular Market Fit

DeFi Wizard May 31, 2022
Why DeFi Wizard Is a Spectacular Market Fit

If anything in the modern world is defying the speed of revolutions, it has got to be the whole sphere around decentralized finance. Imagine the velocity at which this is moving and the versatile opportunities it brings to the companies dealing in the space.

If we look at the flip side, it also brings the immense potential to businesses that are on the other side of this process so that the functioning of the DeFi ecosystem can be as smooth. One such phenomenal market leader in the space is DeFi Wizard.

DeFi Wizard excels in providing smart contract-based solutions to blockchain companies viz. LP Staking, Bi-Directional Bridges, Vesting Contracts, Token Claiming Dashboard- to assist in launching their tokens and post token launch services. Its recent integration with ZeroSwap has only strengthened both parties to offer crypto users an integrated, seamless user experience.

Here are 5 top-notch reasons that support DeFi Wizard in being the market fit!

1) Air-tight security- Throughout its existence, DeFi Wizard has placed a premium on its products' safety to provide a seamless user experience for its customers. The idea since its inception has been to give the companies Simple, Secure & Smart blockchain solutions, helping them launch their virtual currencies on digital ledger technology with a suite of products as per their needs. DeFi Wizard has been certified by renowned audit partners as a secure blockchain service provider.

2) Large Client Network- With the recent acquisition of DeFi Wizard, ZeroSwap is now able to meet the needs of projects throughout their lifecycle, a process more commonly known as Horizontal Integration. It has quickly established itself as the market leader in providing Smart Contract as a Service (SCAS) solutions. We have successfully served over 50 clients to date.

3) Wide array of blockchain solutions- Through DeFi Wizard, ZeroSwap specializes in Smart Contract Creation & Vesting Contract, Investor Token Claiming Dashboard, Bridging as a Service, Staking as a Service, Liquidity Reward Program as a Service, Customised Smart Contract Solutions, and Enterprise solutions. From token creation to generating dashboards for dispersing tokens to managing liquidity on-chain to accessing cross chains, DeFi Wizard does it all looking good.

4) Impressive product portfolio- DeFi Wizard provides one-click, one-stop development tools that are multichain compatible and offer faster, safer, and more versatile solutions. DeFi Wizard seeks to accomplish this by providing one-stop, one-click, multichain services that address various fundamental needs. The following are the services that DeFi Wizard delivers to its customers:

  • Customized Smart Contract Solutions
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Generating vesting into the tokens.
  • Dispersing tokens to investors, developers, community etc.
  • Engaging token holders by providing liquidity reward programs dashboards and staking dashboards
  • Enabling Cross-chain operability by providing bi-directional bridges

5) Fundamental to every blockchain project- Fundamentally, every blockchain company entering the Defi space will require these technical solutions that are simple and secure for its growth and development to roll out its user-friendly products. While the evolving area enables the users to explore the whereabouts of the DeFi space, it also raises certain fundamental concerns such as scalability, security, cost, and interoperability, to name a few.

DeFi Wizard, since its inception, has been a very customer-centric and agile organization aimed at solving some of these challenges through innovative solutions and methods. It is practically on its way to becoming the most sustainable solution to these concerns.

DeFi Wizard foresaw the paradigm shift in the system quite early and has developed itself into an agile organization catering to these business requirements through its robust solutions.

Do we need any more reasons to strike out for DeFi Wizard not to be the perfect market fit that is it? With the offerings that it has and the ones it is coming up with, there’s absolutely no doubt that DeFi Wizard and everything it brings to the table is exactly what we need for a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem.