ZeroSwap Integrates Symbiosis Finance for Cross-Chain Swaps

ZeroSwap Integrates Symbiosis Finance for Seamless Cross-Chain Swaps

API Integration Feb 28, 2024

As part of ZeroSwap's commitment to improving the way you trade and your opportunities on-chain, we are excited to announce the integration of Symbiosis Finance, a DEX that pools liquidity from different blockchains, onto ZeroSwap DEX Meta Aggregator.

Introducing Symbiosis Finance

Symbiosis Finance streamlines cross-chain trading by pooling liquidity from various blockchains. This approach allows you to trade any token effortlessly and transfer your assets across blockchains without the need to worry about network compatibility or asset movement complexities.

With Symbiosis, all cross-chain operations are executed in a single click (one transaction), offering competitive exchange rates and transaction costs.

Key Principles of Symbiosis Finance

  1. Decentralised Protocol: The Symbiosis protocol operates without a central authority, ensuring that no single party can halt its functionality or censor user access.
  2. Non-Custodial: You retain control of your assets throughout the trading process, enhancing security and trust.
  3. Interoperability: Symbiosis enables seamless asset transfers across different blockchains, enhancing the overall liquidity and accessibility of tokens. Symbiosis aims to connect every blockchain that attracts sufficient market interest, ultimately striving to create a unified bridge between all blockchains.
  4. Boundless Cross-Chain Liquidity: By pooling liquidity from various blockchains, Symbiosis provides you with access to a wide range of tokens and projects, enhancing trading opportunities.

Reasons to Opt for Symbiosis Finance as a Provider

  1. Early Adopters of New Chains: Symbiosis Finance is known for its early adoption of new chains such as Linea, Mantle, Scroll, Mode, Manta, and Telos. This gives you access to a diverse range of tokens and projects, enabling you to diversify your portfolios and participate in emerging blockchain ecosystems.
  2. Efficient Gas Costs: Symbiosis Finance offers efficient gas costs, ensuring that you can trade without worrying about high transaction fees.
  3. One-Click Swaps: With one-click swaps, you can easily exchange tokens across different chains, making trading more convenient and user-friendly.
  4. EVM to BTC chain transfers: Symbiosis Finance offers a unique advantage by enabling you to transfer assets from any EVM-compatible blockchain to the Bitcoin (BTC) chain bridging the gap between the vibrant ecosystem of EVM chains and the widespread adoption of BTC.
  5. Available on All Existing Chains on ZeroSwap: Symbiosis Finance is available on all existing chains on ZeroSwap, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of tokens and projects.

We are excited about the opportunities this integration will bring to you and look forward to continuing to enhance our platform with cutting-edge solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates on this integration, and thank you for your continued support!

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