ZeroSwap's DEX Meta Aggregator is now LIVE

Unveiling ZeroSwap’s DEX- Meta Aggregator

Ecosystem Nov 16, 2023
ZeroSwap's DEX Meta Aggregator is now LIVE

ZeroSwap Labs is proud to introduce – the Meta-Aggregator, a dynamic DEX Comparison Engine. We can contain our excitement as we announce that the Meta-Aggregator is now LIVE for you all to experience and benefit from!

Why a Meta-Aggregator?

Navigating the expansive world of DEXs can be a bit overwhelming. Hopping between platforms to find the best rates, lowest gas costs, and optimal paths for swapping can be a hassle. Recognizing these challenges, we aimed to simplify your experience by creating a comprehensive solution.

Here’s what it does 

The ZeroSwap Meta-Aggregator acts as a central hub, seamlessly integrating top DEXs like 1inch, Matcha, Paraswap, OpenOcean and KyberSwap.

Now, you can compare critical factors such as Price, Gas Cost, Protocol Fee, and more across these platforms, making your decision-making process a breeze.

For those of you delving into bridging assets, the Meta-Aggregator extends its functionality to LiFi Protocol, Socket, deBridge Finance, Xy Finance, and other bridging protocols.

This means you can effortlessly navigate the intricacies of bridging with a simplified, uni-platform view.

How It Works


What’s in it for you?

Enhanced Trading Efficiency: Access the best liquidity, optimal paths, and competitive rates across multiple DEXs without switching platforms.

Cost-Effective Swaps: Compare gas costs and protocol fees to make informed decisions that minimise expenses and maximise returns.

User-Friendly Bridging: Enjoy a consolidated view of key metrics for a smooth bridging experience.

And there's more:

Exclusive Perks: Users of ZeroSwap enjoy 100% gas-free trades, Only one approval for trading each token pair irrespective of any protocol chosen, and gas refunds for Ethereum trades.

Better intuitive UI/UX: Switching between protocols and choosing the best trade. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of comparing the output amount, gas, fee and approvals.

As of today, November 16th, the ZeroSwap Meta-Aggregator is live and ready to change your DeFi trading experience. Dive into a world where comparison meets convenience and make the most of every trade with ZeroSwap.

ZeroSwap is committed to simplifying and enhancing your journey. Join us in celebrating this milestone and experience a new era of DeFi trading.

Here's to the best trade with Zero Gas! Get ready to trade Smarter!

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