Rapid 01 - Trade Using ParaSwap and Win 10k PSP Tokens

Exchange Jan 12, 2024

Introducing ZeroSwapLabs Rapids 01, an exciting incentivised trading competition that allows you to earn rewards while leveraging the ZeroSwap DEX Meta Aggregator.

In collaboration with @paraswap, this event promises a thrilling trading experience and a chance to win 10k $PSP tokens.

Let's dive into the details

What are Rapids?

Rapids are incentivised trading competitions designed to reward users actively participating in swaps on ZeroSwap's DEX Meta Aggregator. As an innovative approach to engaging the community, Rapids provide an opportunity for you to earn rewards while trading in a competitive environment.
In the case of Rapids 01, the rewards are generously sponsored by ZeroSwap.

How to Participate in Rapids 01?

Participating in Rapids 01 is straightforward. You can join the competition by trading on ZEN Mode within ZeroSwap.

The ZEN Mode, is a unique feature with the following benefits

  1. Gas Cost Savings: Traders can save up to 100% on gas costs when executing trades using ZEN Mode.
  2. Best Rates: ZEN Mode compares rates from all leading liquidity aggregators, ensuring users get the most favourable rates for their trades.

Details of Rapids 01 with ParaSwap

  • Duration: Rapids 01 will last 7 days starting 11th Jan'24
  • Reward: 10,ooo $PSP Tokens
  • Min Trade Volume: Reach a minimum trade volume of $100 to be eligible for rewards.
  • Leaderboard: The competition progress can be tracked on the leaderboard, which is accessible at https://app.zeroswap.io/psp-leaderboard.
  • Eligibility: Only trades conducted using ParaSwap are eligible for rewards

How to Get Started

Start your trading journey by visiting https://app.zeroswap.io/swap. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, and the ZEN Mode provides added benefits for you to optimise your trades.

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