ZeroSwap celebrates 3 years in Web3

3 Years of ZeroSwap

Ecosystem Oct 19, 2023
ZeroSwap Celebrates 3 Years in Web3

ZeroSwap's Journey

ZeroSwap embarked on its public journey in 2020, with the launch of $ZEE, our native token, and a mission to create a gasless DEX.

We were able to achieve this feat of providing users with gasless and transaction fee free swaps and we not only realised our initial goal but continued to push the boundaries of innovation, introducing new products to our ecosystem.

These additions empower users to navigate the realms of web 3 with ease and confidence.

Every journey has its high and lows, so did we. Yet we continue to buidl, continue to deliver and innovate, because the ride, has only just begun!

Come take a look through our eyes of we have built so far!

Expanding to Multiple Chains

After the successful launch of #ZeroSwapDEX on BSC and Polygon, we wasted no time in pushing the boundaries of what a decentralised exchange could achieve.

By 2021, our platform had achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a completely gasless DEX on six chain; Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Celo, Fantom and Optimism.

During this period, we also ventured into the development of a range of complementary products, each designed to enhance the DeFi experience.

Notable among these was the BI-Directional Bridge, a game-changer for multi-chain swaps, and ZeeDO, our innovative IDO platform, a staking module for our users to benefit from.

Second Anniversary & Ethereum Integration 

As ZeroSwapLabs turned two, we unveiled an exciting opportunity for our users: gasless swaps on the Ethereum chain. This marked a milestone for the platform and was met with enthusiasm from the crypto community.

We continued to build and innovate at full throttle, with our commitment to the ethos of #BUIDLing.

Introducing Innovation

In 2023, the DEX expanded its reach to cover a staggering eleven blockchain chains, including Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, zkSYNC, ZKEVM, Optimism, Celo, Base, Fantom, and Arbitrum.

This extensive chain support aimed to provide users with a seamless and versatile trading experience across the crypto ecosystem.

In keeping with our spirit of innovation, ZeroSwapLabs introduced the "Batch Trades" feature powered by Dzap, enabling users to swap multiple tokens in a single transaction.

Additionally, we ventured into crypto-based prediction markets, offering users an exciting way to engage with the crypto space.

Test-Drive: Incentivised Testnet Programme

Understanding the importance of keeping pace with the crypto landscape, We introduced "Test-Drive." This incentivized testnet program allows users to explore new blockchain chains and protocols while earning rewards. 

Three Years in Web3: A Fresh Perspective

Now, as ZeroSwapLabs celebrates its third anniversary in the Web3 space, we are thrilled to introduce our Meta-Aggregator – a Comparison Engine that allows you to experience the BEST rates, everytime you swap!

The meta-aggregator will give you the ability to see the transactional costs for every swap that you make by creating a list of comparison for you to choose from. This will not only allow you to make informed choices, but will give you the best rates truly.

This innovative feature, exclusive to ZeroSwapDEX, promises to change how you see swaps.

As we enter this new phase, the crypto community eagerly awaits what ZeroSwapLabs will bring to the table next. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has supported us and been with us. Times and tides may change, but our promise to serve you the best will never falter. 

Here's to the next chapter in our journey!

About ZeroSwap

ZeroSwap provides users with a simplified way to swap on multichains with zero gas fees. We pay gas for users when they swap on-chain, using meta-transactions.

We are currently live on Bianance Smart Chain, Celo, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Optimisim, Ethereum, and on zkEVM.

In addition, our product suite includes the Gasless ZeroSwapDEX, Staking, IDO platform ZeeDO and our native Bi-directional Bridge, and a B2B Service Based Product called DeFi Wizard.

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