ZeroSwap Introduces $ZEE Utility Programme

Introducing Sprint 01—The $ZEE Utility Program

Ecosystem Jan 24, 2024

Making trades is not just limited to having cryptos in your wallet and an exchange to swap on, multiple factors such as slippage, gas cost, protocol fee and time taken to make a trade impact your trading journey.

At ZeroSwapLabs, we are on a mission to make your trading journey not only rewarding but also efficient and seamless. After the launch of ZeroSwap’s Meta Aggregator, we are now thrilled to introduce you to ‘Sprint’

Sprint, is the latest staking programme designed to empower $ZEE holders to stake seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks, while earning lucrative APY, zero fee swaps, gas-free trades and more! Let’s dive into the details

How Will Sprint Work? 

1. Stake Your Tokens: You start by staking your $ZEE tokens on at least one of the four chains Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, or Avalanche.  

2. Earn Free Trades: For every 1000 ZEE tokens staked, you unlock two free trades for the day across the supported chains. The more you stake, the more free trades you earn. You can earn a maximum of 10 free trades per day.

Once you reach the maximum limit of 10 free trades for the day, subsequent transactions will seamlessly transition to standard mode for the remainder of that day.

3. Earn APY: In addition to free trades, you get the benefits of an Annual Percentage Yield (APY)  of 5% . Your staked $ZEE tokens work for you, generating rewards and enhancing the overall value of your participation in the Sprint program.

Chains Supporting Free Trades

  1. BNB Chain
  2. Polygon
  3. Avalanche
  4. Arbitrum
  5. Optimism
  6. Fantom
  7. Celo

Benefits For You 

  1. 100% Gas-Free Trades: Experience seamless transactions without the burden of gas fees. Sprint ensures that you get 10 entirely gas-free trades, offering a cost-effective and efficient trading experience.
  2. APY Rewards: Your staked $ZEE tokens don't just sit idle; they work for you, generating additional value of 5% APY, enhancing the overall profitability of your participation.
  3. Access to Best Rates ZeroSwap's Meta Aggregator comparison feature allows you to evaluate and compare quotes from leading liquidity aggregators, including ParaSwap, 1inch, OpenOcean, KyberSwap, and more.
  4. No Fee on Trading: Save on your transaction fee as you sprint through your gas-free trades! 
  5. IDO token allocation: IDOs launching via $ZEE will have 80% token allocation reserved for $ZEE stakers. 

Terms and Conditions for Sprint- 01

You can stake $ZEE on Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon and Avalanche only.

2. For every 1000 ZEE staked, you earn two free trades. Free trades earned will be in a multiple of 1000 only.

 For Example: If you stake 1000 $ZEE, you will earn two free trades that day on all chains combined. If you stake 1999 $ZEE, you will earn only two trades. If you take one more $ZEE you will earn four free trades per day. 

3. You can earn a maximum of 10 free trades per day. Once you exhaust all the 10 trades for a day, it will be routed to standard mode further transactions for that day

4. Duration: Sprint 01 will start on 24th January ‘24 to 31st March ‘24

So grab your running shoes and join Sprint today!

Stay tuned on our socials to know more about Sprint & it's new benefits that shall soon follow!

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